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Nearly half of these events are caused by unrecognized respiratory depression and preceded by 6 to 8 hours of physiological deterioration.

“Multicenter Study of Cardiopulmonary Arrests”, Resuscitation; 2003

About Us

Dr. Nicholas L. Taro, a practicing anesthesiologist, founded Analyte Logic (AL) in 2008 after seeing first-hand the devastating impact of postoperative opioid-induced respiratory depression (POIRD). He could not find any existing technology to combat this adverse event so he decided to do it himself.

Dr. Taro tracked down the original developers of an out-of-production 1990-era FDA-approved device that, in his opinion, could help prevent the devastating impact of POIRD. Dr. Taro worked with and funded the original developers to upgrade the original design using modern technology and eliminating the issues that clinicians found objectionable. The outcome of this effort is AL's new Aegis system.

The Aegis system comprises two different parts: the Aegis Sensor and the Optode Engine (OE). The OE makes it easy for an OEM to incorporate the Aegis Sensor into its own patient monitoring equipment.



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